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The competition

The competition closes on 2022-01-24
Welcome to RugVista's annual Design Competition!

A colorful tribute to the faithful everyday hero in our homes. The Rug.

This year's theme!
The theme for 2021 is Sustainable and with this theme we want to highlight the natural material wool. Thanks to the durability of the wool, the rug is a fantastic investment, it is soft to walk on and gives a luxurious feeling to the home. Rugs that are made of wool are very durable, last a long time, have a natural dirt-repellent effect, and become more beautiful over the years. Thanks to these durable properties, a wool rug can be used by several generations.

Everyone can join!
Whether you work as a designer, are a student, are passionate about interior design or color, shape and design, you have the opportunity to participate in our international design competition. We put no limits on your creation. Think creative, original, imaginative, inspired by trends and the inviting feeling the carpet gives to our homes.

At this 12th year of the competition, we look back at all the beautiful rugs created from different corners of the world. 92 countries to be more precise. And we hope that there will be more.

As a designer, you can win, not only honor, fame and money, but also the opportunity to have your rug produced and sold on RugVista.

As a follower of the competition, you are the voice of the people who vote for the winner. You who vote also have the opportunity to win a rug for your home.

Prize pool

+ your own design in production.
+ your own design in production.
+ your own design in production.
+ your own design in production.

The jury

Nicklas Jansson

Co-Founder / CEO, Rumrum AB

Nicklas Jansson has a background in advertising and marketing and together with Magnus Andersson he opened the furniture store Rumrum in 1997. The interest and inquiries within interior design and concepts developed into their own furniture production, which was noticed and sold both in the Nordics and internationally. With a growing number of clients, Rumrum became a pure design agency with a focus on interior design concepts and is a total supplier of furniture and lighting. Rumrum is today one of the largest interior design agencies in Skåne with increasing assignments in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Lisa Hilland


Lisa Hilland creates contemporary design with a poetic twist, combining modern high-tech production techniques with quality craftsmanship. Her current clients includes Konsthantverk, IKEA, Gärsnäs, Gemla, Design House Stockholm and Svenskt Tenn. “As a designer, natural materials are close to her heart, and Lisa is using them in a careful, sustainable way, creating long lasting design”.

Carin Terins

RugVista Purchase & Creative Director

Carin is in charge of both creative and purchase decisions for one of the world's largest online carpet stores. She has years of experience driving conceptual creative designs into sales for several commercial companies.

Eva Boding

CEO at Edblad & Co AB

Eva works as CEO of Edblad & Co AB, a company that offers Swedish-designed jewelry with high quality at an affordable price level. She has many years of experience in leading and developing consumer trading companies in digitalization, branding and international success with internationally strong brands such as Gant, Filippa K and L’Oréal.

Beatrice Perlman Ewert

RugVista Sustainability manager

Beatrice has many years of experience working with sustainability in the textile industry and is currently working with the integration of sustainability into the business of one of the world's largest online carpet stores. With a background from purchasing & design at international fashion companies, she has a large passion for finding commercially attractive products that take into account both its environmental and social impact.

Upload and compete

  • The design should be creative and commercially viable
  • The design must be original
  • The carpet will be made by hand, so shades can be a challenge
  • Design for the proportions: Rectangular 2667x4000 px, Square 4000x4000 px or Round 4000 px in diameter. Download design templates.
  • Avoid complex forms and fine details
  • Why settle for one? You can have multiple contributions!

Selected winners from 2019

The spotty cat Guzel Garipova Russia Russia

I graduated as an architect from Kazan State University of Building and Construction 2011, then Studied illustration and graphic design in Prague school of design. I have worked as a freelance illustrator, a graphic designer and an art director since 2008. This spotty cat in the carpet is posing in a thoughtful way and trying to mimic the background.

charcoal Eden den Hertog Netherlands Netherlands

I'm an amateur 16-year-old artist from Holland, that loves graphic design and digital art. Besides school I spend a lot of time doing artwork. This design is inspired by coal that has been lit, of which the fire is slowly fading out. The same way coal is an unsustainable fossil fuel that is slowly but surely not being used anymore.

Don't leaf me Paula Grzybowska Poland Poland

I'm 26 and I'm a fresh textile design graduate from Poland. Throughout mystudies I have been mostly focusing on minimalistic, black and white projects. Curently I'm starting to incorporate more colours and structures to my designs. My personal, minimalistic take on the botanical world.

CATALPA Aneta Doległo Poland Poland

I am an interior designer educated in Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In my projects I look for timeless design with personal expression. I belive that well designed spaces can improve our lives. The rug was inspired by leaves falling from the trees. The form was simplified, multiplied and dressed up in sophisticated colours.

See winners from previous years


RussiaGuzel Garipova


United KingdomFrancesca Vedovato


BrazilAdolfo Morandini Neto


GermanyCornelius Comanns


FinlandIiro A. Ahokas


United StatesDeborah Velasquez


SpainKristina Pacesaite


SwedenBenno Arzt


FranceBernard Pouget


SwedenSara Larsson


ItalyGiulia Sola


  • 13 Dec

    Design competition starts

  • 24 Jan

    Last day to submit your design

  • 16 Feb

    Online gallery opens

  • 1 Mar

    Last day for voting and be the "people's voice"

  • 11 Mar

    Winners are announced



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