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Colourful Berber - Limited Edition
Colourful Berber - Limited Edition

Colourful Berber - Limited Edition

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Colourful Berber - Limited Edition

Colourful Berber - Limited Edition

Celebrating the artistic and colourful designs of Berber rugs, this is our new collection with varieties for all wallets:

New, machine-made quality rugs made from wool-like synthetic fibres. They have a lint-free, low and tight pile, and are easy to clean. The patterns are Berber designs with inspiration from the genuine handmade Berber rugs.

Berber-inspired hand-knotted wool rugs, made in Afghanistan.

Exclusive, medium to high pile wool rugs, hand woven without templates. The originals - authentic and unique crafts created by the women of the nomadic Berber tribes in the Atlas mountains for centuries.

Berber rugs, commonly called Moroccan rugs, have seen a huge rise in popularity recently and are loved for their colours, from bright, saturated shades, dyed with plants and berries, to natural and muted tones from the finest sheep's wool of the mountain areas. All colours bear a meaning, such as red for strength and protection, green for peace, and yellow for eternity, and the weavers interpret events from their lives into the carpets, usually symbols of happiness, love and nature. The Berber tribes are still found in the mountains today and weaving is passed down from mother to daughter.

Both synthetic and wool rugs are easy to care for and have advantages depending on your needs and preferences.

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