Nain Florentine - Cream rug CVD15627

The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

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Nain Florentine - Cream

250x250 cm Machine knotted

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We are absolutely delighted with the rug.

Ian A. - bought 250x250, May -18

Arrived in excellent condition and the quality is good.

Gianni F. - bought 250x250, Mar -18

The rug was delivered ahead of the projected date, and is excellent value for money. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending this Company

Customer John Garner - bought 250x250, Jan -19

Very nice rug, great colors. In person the blue is a little brighter, it appeared somewhat muted to me on the picture. But we like it. The darks spots on the rug are dark red, very nice

Linda Aalderink - bought 250x250, Mar -18

Looks good in reality, not the highest quality of course but for the price it's definitely worth it.

Henrieta H. - bought 250x250, Nov -17

The rug is very beautiful. Be careful. Instructions on the back of the rug recommend padding for prevention of slipping, etc., so I ordered Super-Stop. It didn't work. I sent a photograph of the results. They said it was because the rug was on a carpet and not on stone or wood and they refunded the money in full. I also ordered Stainremover to be at the ready just in case. It was advertised 10 x 10. As it cost £20 I thought it must be 10 items at £2 each. They said it was the size of one item, which is strange because it's long and narrow rather than square.

Elaine Mencher - bought 120x180, 19 days ago

nice carpet, nice quality, reasonable price

Nasia - bought Ø 150, Mar -19

very happy with this rug. fits perfectly and looks nice.

Sue - bought 150x150, Nov -18

Perfect for my conservatory, fits beautifully.

Customer - bought 270x370, Oct -18

Perfect,not expensive, fast delivery

Lea K. - bought Ø 250, Jul -18
Rug ID CVD15627
Points per m2 1008000
Thickness approx 10 mm
Origin Turkey
Pile Synthetic Wool/Polyester
Synthetic wool (Polypropylene) is made up of tightly twisted yarns in that give the rug a lively lustre. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly man-made fibre. Polypropylene has a high resistance to wear and can withstand heat well. Rugs produced using polypropylene are ideal for people with allergies to, for example, natural materials. The material is antistatic which means it does not shed fibres or attract dust and is easy to clean. The rug also has details made of polyester with a silky smooth surface that gives extra life to the pattern.
Warp Cotton
Manufacturing Machine knotted
Mechanically produced rugs - production is carried out in a fixed rug width and with a fixed number of colours to form a rug pattern. Machine-knotted rugs take significantly less time to produce than hand-knotted rugs accounting for the price difference.
Size 250x250

The size of this rug can vary as cotton may cause the rug to shrink slightly after production.

€ 369
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