Nain Emilia - Cream / Light Blue rug CVD15387

The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

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Nain Emilia - Cream / Light Blue

250x350 cm Machine knotted

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Very good quality, color as it is described, price adequate ....

Gordana Š. - bought 250x350, Mar -19

Exactly what I expected. A very beautiful rug!

Andrada B. - bought 250x350, Oct -18

Absolutely high quality. Looks nearly like an original, but obviously not like a cheep fake.

Dieter H. - bought 250x350, Mar -18


Petru Dan Craciun - bought 120x180, Mar -19

Beautiful rug! Excellent quality. Adds a lovely splash of colour to my hall. Couldn’t be happier!

Elaine T. - bought Ø 250, Feb -19

Beautiful rug and excellent quality.

Amy - bought 150x150, Feb -19

Lovely product, hard wearing and attractive.

Peter B. - bought 200x200, Jan -19

Wonderful quality and perfect for my needs. Price, quality and uniqueness of the product made it easy to choose. Will return.

John M. - bought 150x150, Jan -19

Fab quality, prefect length. Really nice colours

Sian Belfield - bought 80x400, Jan -19

Very good! Beautiful and high quality rug.

Anda D. - bought 150x150, Nov -18
Rug ID CVD15387
Points per m2 1008000
Thickness approx 10 mm
Origin Turkey
Pile Synthetic Wool/Polyester
Synthetic wool (Polypropylene) is made up of tightly twisted yarns in that give the rug a lively lustre. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly man-made fibre. Polypropylene has a high resistance to wear and can withstand heat well. Rugs produced using polypropylene are ideal for people with allergies to, for example, natural materials. The material is antistatic which means it does not shed fibres or attract dust and is easy to clean. The rug also has details made of polyester with a silky smooth surface that gives extra life to the pattern.
Warp Cotton
Manufacturing Machine knotted
Mechanically produced rugs - production is carried out in a fixed rug width and with a fixed number of colours to form a rug pattern. Machine-knotted rugs take significantly less time to produce than hand-knotted rugs accounting for the price difference.
Size 250x350

The size of this rug can vary as cotton may cause the rug to shrink slightly after production.

€ 491
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