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Erster Eindruck: Sehr gute Qualität und schnelle Lieferung. Weitere Bewertung kann heute am Liefertag noch nicht erfolgen,

Hans-Dieter H. - bought 200x250, Oct -17

The carpet is even better than the picture shows. High quality, very smooth and soft carpet.

Kristina A. - bought Ø 150, 24 days ago

Ottimi tempi di consegna.tappeto coma da aspettativa.continueremo a rivolgerci a voi

Daniele S. C. C. &. B. - bought 200x250, 11 days ago

Jättefin matta som nästan såg bättre ut i verkligheten än på bild. Jättenöjd!

Emma - bought Ø 200, 29 days ago
Rug ID RVD13773
Manufacturing Machine knotted
Mechanically produced rugs - production is carried out in a fixed rug width and with a fixed number of colours to form a rug pattern. Machine-knotted rugs take significantly less time to produce than hand-knotted rugs accounting for the price difference.
Size 140x200

The size of this rug can vary as cotton may cause the rug to shrink slightly after production.

Points per m2 1008000
Origin Turkey
Pile Viscose (artificial silk)
Viscose is a man-made fibre based on natural materials such as cotton or cellulose. The material is very soft and shiny giving it a similar appearance to silk. It is often used to highlight details and provide a beautiful lustre otherwise only found in silk rugs.
Warp Cotton
Thickness approx 9 mm


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Nahal - Rust rug RVD13773

The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

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