Moroccan Berber - Afghanistan Rug 121X185 Authentic
 Modern Handknotted Light Grey/Beige (Wool, Afghanistan)
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Unique Knotted by hand Handspun Wool

Moroccan Berber - Afghanistan

121x185 cm
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The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

Moroccan Berber - Afghanistan carpet from Afghanistan.

Descended from North Africa’s Berber tribes, these unique style of woolen designs give your home a contemporary, yet ethnic tone that is so sought after today.

These rugs are made with a combination of three exclusive yarns, created especially to attain this quality. The superior wool gives your carpet better durability and substantially less shedding. As a natural material, wool also gives the rug a fullness which prevents it from flattening. Superior wool is naturally flame retardant and does not soil easily, making it inherently easier to maintain your rug.

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