Mira rug CVD15694

The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

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170x240 cm Machine knotted

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Lovely quality, images shown are true to life, looks stunning.

Jools B. - bought 170x240, May -19

Beautiful rug, colours are perfect for my room. I will definitely buy another rug from this company.

Kathy P. - bought 170x240, Mar -19

Great item. We love it.

Michael Caetano - bought 170x240, Nov -18

Product was lovely and good quality but considerable disparity between colour in online photos and the real thing. Meant it didn’t work with my colour scheme and had to be returned.

Eleanor - bought 170x240, May -18

Good price, good quality. Happy!

Bianca M. - bought 170x240, Jan -18

Beautiful high quality carpet!

Tuula E. - bought 170x240, Dec -17

Would not call it green, it looks exaktly as it dose in the picture.

Frida A. - bought 170x240, Dec -17

We made the order on Wednesday and the carpet arrived on Monday. So the delivery was very fast. The carpet is so lovely and matches the description very well. The colors were just like in the photos on the RugVista site. We are definitely going to order again! Tilasimme maton keskiviikkona ja se saapui maanantaina. Toimitus oli oikein nopea. Itse matto on oikein ihana ja vastasi hyvin kuvausta. RugVistan sivustolla esitetyt kuvat matosta vastasivat hyvin sen ulkonäköä. Tilaamme varmasti seuraavankin maton täältä!

LLP - bought 250x300, Jul -18

Soft, great colour. I recommend.

Henna - bought 200x300, Oct -17

bought it for 267,00,wich is good quality for the money. Anything more then 400,00 would be to much.

Martin H. - bought 250x300, Oct -17
Rug ID CVD15694
Points per m2 925000
Thickness approx 5 mm
Origin Turkey
Pile Bamboo silk
Bamboo silk is a natural plant fibre that is extracted from the bamboo plant. It has much the same softness and lustrous sheen as genuine silk, and like cotton, bamboo is a breathable material. Bamboo silk is a sustainable and renewable resource and a price worthy alternative to genuine silk.
Warp Cotton
Manufacturing Machine knotted
Mechanically produced rugs - production is carried out in a fixed rug width and with a fixed number of colours to form a rug pattern. Machine-knotted rugs take significantly less time to produce than hand-knotted rugs accounting for the price difference.
Size 170x240

The size of this rug can vary as cotton may cause the rug to shrink slightly after production.

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€ 299
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