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Nice colour nice carpet! Little round and vivid coloured carpet good quality for the price

Loes V. - bought orange Ø 100, 24 days ago

This one has a different colour than the larger one I also ordered in this colour!

Loes V. - bought olive green Ø 70, 24 days ago

Overall a bit disappointing, wrinkled and folded and not laying flat

Loes V. - bought olive green Ø 150, 24 days ago

Nydelig kvalitet! Rask levering!

Yana H. - bought Ø 150, 22 days ago

Nydelig kvalitet! Rask levering!

Yana H. - bought Ø 100, 22 days ago

Der Teppich entspricht unserer Erwartung und ist bestens verarbeitet.

Dieter G. - bought beige Ø 100, 6 days ago

Nydelig teppe - bilde og virkelighet stemmer godt overens.

Monica B. - bought rust / red Ø 150, 22 days ago

Het kleed voldoet geheel aan onze verwachting

Eva - bought olive green Ø 200, 24 days ago

Très contents de notre achat : beau tapis en laine, couleurs fidèles et livraison en avance. Parfait !

fanadoma - bought rust / red Ø 300, Nov -17

Täydellinen ostos: Upean värinen ja ylellisen paksu ja pehmeä villamatto.

Riitta H. - bought rust / red Ø 150, Nov -17
Rug ID BVD3782
Manufacturing Handloom
Manual handicraft technique using special looms making work faster than traditional hand-knotting. Handloom weaving technique does not allow advanced patterns.
Size Ø 250

This carpet is hand knotted/woven; therefore, difference in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur. This applies particularly to nomadic and village carpets.

Knot density approx 70 000 - 90 000 knots per m²

You can easily calculate the knot density yourself by counting the number of knots 1 cm down and 1 cm across, and then multiplying these numbers together. Then multiply the total by 10,000 to give the number of knots per m².

Some carpet sellers exaggerate the knot density, so to be sure that you are comparing like for like when it comes to price, it is worth checking the knot density yourself. Most of CarpetVista’s carpets have a photograph of the reverse with a ruler, making it easy to examine the knot quality and count the exact knot density before choosing your carpet.

Origin India
Pile Wool
Wool is a natural textile fibre and one of the most sought after materials for rug making. Wool rugs are highly durable and perfectly capable of resisting wear and tear of every day use. Wool has a naturally dirt-repelling effect and is easy to keep clean. It is also flame resistant and characteristically retains it’s shape so that the pile of the rug always rises.
Warp Cotton
Thickness approx 11 mm


If you have any questions regarding this carpet please don´t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you.

Handloom - Light rug BVD3782

The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

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