Gabbeh Loom Frame - Yellow rug CVD5679

The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

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Gabbeh Loom Frame - Yellow

100x160 cm Handloom

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I love, love, love this rug. I am not afraid of color when I decorate and this rug fits perfectly in my foyer and complements a large floral painting. The Gabbeh weave is excellent, the color bold, and fun!

Pat E. - bought 100x160, Aug -18

beautiful, lovely, charming. Blends well with Gabbeh rug purchased 4 years ago

Wiesia K. - bought 100x160, Mar -18

Top quality rug!

Samo H. - bought 140x200, 18 days ago

Beautiful carpet. Excellent quality/price

Veronica F. - bought 160x230, Jun -19

Beautiful rug.

KateS. - bought 140x200, Jun -19

Very good quality and design

Tomasz Dabrowski - bought Ø 150, Mar -19

Well made, soft, looks like it did in the photo.

Constance M. - bought 200x200, Feb -19

This item is a perfect quality.

enko - bought Ø 150, Jan -19

The carpet is nice, perfect and childs like play on it.

Ingrida Skridailienė - bought 140x200, Oct -18

Rug came as detailed on the specs and the detailed photos. Shipping was fast. Great rug at a great price. Will definitely shop again. Only suggestion: sell the rug pads as an option.

Winnie C. - bought 80x400, Jan -18
Rug ID CVD5679
Knot density approx 40 000 - 60 000 knots per m²

You can easily calculate the knot density yourself by counting the number of knots 1 cm down and 1 cm across, and then multiplying these numbers together. Then multiply the total by 10,000 to give the number of knots per m².

Some carpet sellers exaggerate the knot density, so to be sure that you are comparing like for like when it comes to price, it is worth checking the knot density yourself. Most of CarpetVista’s carpets have a photograph of the reverse with a ruler, making it easy to examine the knot quality and count the exact knot density before choosing your carpet.

Thickness ≈ 15 mm
Origin India
Pile Wool
Wool is a natural textile fibre and one of the most sought after materials for rug making. Wool rugs are highly durable and perfectly capable of resisting wear and tear of every day use. Wool has a naturally dirt-repelling effect and is easy to keep clean. It is also flame resistant and characteristically retains it’s shape so that the pile of the rug always rises.
Warp Cotton
Manufacturing Handloom
Manual handicraft technique using special looms making work faster than traditional hand-knotting. Handloom weaving technique does not allow advanced patterns.
Size 100x160

This carpet is hand knotted/woven; therefore, difference in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur. This applies particularly to nomadic and village carpets.

€ 147
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