200x300 cm

The colors in the rug will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.


These modern rugs come in a variety of different sizes and patterns and make for a beautiful focal point in your home. When making these rugs a synthetic wool material with textile qualities is used. Besides having a soft and comfortable pile to walk on, this material has several good features that among others make the rug lint free and easy to clean.

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Synthetic wool (Polypropylene) is a man-made fibre, made up of tightly twisted yarns that give the rug a lively lustre. Polypropylene has a high resistance to wear and can withstand heat well. Rugs produced using polypropylene are ideal for people with allergies to, for example, natural materials. The material is antistatic which means it does not shed fibres or attract dust and is easy to clean.

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Marek - bought 200x300, Apr -19

Lovely rug...good quality and very soft!

Tina M. - bought 200x300, Apr -19

Beautiful colours and good quality. Very unusual. Like a Monet painting!

David Simpson - bought 200x300, Mar -19

High quality, soft and colourful as shown.

Renata G. - bought 200x300, Nov -18

Delighted with my rug! It's really good quality,fast delivery,excellent value for money,and fast delivery.Would highly recommend Rugvista.

Veronica Clerkin - bought 200x300, Jul -18

It looks great in my living room, awesome!!!! As expected.

Merce G. P. - bought 200x300, Dec -17

Well made rug; the pile is perhaps deeper than I was expecting, so I’m pleased. Nice design and lovely colours will brighten up my hobby room.

Rosey Jones - bought 200x300, Jan -19

Very good quality rug, love it 😊

Jayne R. - bought 200x200, 11 days ago

Beautiful carpet. Satisfied with the service.

Marion V. - bought 200x250, 11 days ago

lovely rug

Mr Christy Pratt - bought 120x170, 15 days ago

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